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Applications - Storage Plant

Applications for belt conveyors, chain conveyors, etc.
Applications in storage facilities for grains and oilseeds, in vertical silos or flat warehouses usually require the use of machineries with medium to high flow rates (typically not less than 60-100 ton/h), with suitable surface treatments to outdoor installation (usually galvanization).
These machines must be perfectly dusttight and waterproof, especially solid and reliable, quick and easy to install, easy to maintain and safe for the operators.
All these requirements can find full satisfaction in a wide range of products that PTM has expressly designed for this specific type of application.
Chain conveyors and bucket elevators, with capacity up to 200 ton/h (of grain) are available either in pre-galvanized steel sheets (TCA and ELA series, particularly suitable for all plants that do not have to work on particularly heavy cycles) or machines in hot dip galvanized steel sheets (TCM and ETM series, studied to operate nonstop). Only hot dip galvanized machineries are available for flow rates higher than 200 ton/h.
For belt conveyors and coupling elements, the only surface treatment available is the hot dip galvanization.
The range of capacities available can meet all your needs: up to 800 ton/h (of grain) for chain conveyors and 1200 ton/h for bucket elevators and belt conveyors. For storage plants, the following items may also find application: components for the ventilation of the product (in vertical silos or in flat warehouses), filters for the lowering of dust on receiving hoppers and product sampling systems.