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ETM 1200

This series of machineries includes 4 models, having the following main characteristics:

  • typical capacity ranges: 500÷:1600 m3/h (equal to 400÷1200 t/h on wheat)
  • buckets with deep profile: 1+1 types (steel / polyethylene)
  • buckets with open profile: 1+1 types (steel / polyethylene)
  • belt:  antistatic,  oil proof, breaking  load max. 1600 N/mm
  • self-standing structure until 50,0 m. height
  • max. installed power: 250 kW.

These machineries are particularly suitable for the conveyance of cereal and oil seeds, and they are widely used in big storage plants where high capacities are demanded and massive loading cycles are foreseen, usually in port terminals.

The legs are formed by four bent and bolted panels, joined with spacer which make them very solid and highly resistant to overpressure.

The driving head is provided with double cover, with bolted plates in anti-wearing steel, and is equipped with a belt alignment control system.

The return tail is equipped with a screw tension system of the belt (the counterweight tension is optional), a double cleaning doors, belt alignment control system and a speed control system. A self-cleaning tail is also available in order to avoid the pollution of the product.  

Machineries may be customized both for size and set up, thus enabling their easy introduction in any kind of plant.

In addition to a complete series of accessories for loading, discharging and working control, specific formulas are available for their use with abrasive products or for human food, and for the control and managing of explosions.

Technical information
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Installation-operation and maintenance manual