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Filters for intake pits
FTM high pressure filters  have been studied to guarantee the lowering of dust during the unloading of the vehicles in the receiving hopper.  
The modular construction allows the match of several elements in order to guarantee an homogeneous detection of dusts on all the hopper length.
The basic unit  includes:
    • a lower element which allows to capture the dusty air right over the hopper protection grill, provided with a speed monitor system in entrance and slide for the re-introduction of the lowered dusts directly into the hopper.
    • an upper element  which contains the straining mass, with the  electro valves  group, the compressed air tank, the centrifugal fan and an access door for maintenance.

Each filter is provided with an electronic control unit  for the automatic cleanness of the arms, by cyclic blowing of counter-current compressed air. Furthermore, spacer elements are available (without  straining mass, electro valves and fan), to alternate with the straining units, in order to get efficient solutions with held down investment costs.
13 standard configurations are available  for hoppers from 2,0 to 18,0 m. length.
The standard construction is made in pre-galvanized steel,  but the epoxy varnished option  is available too.  FTM filters guarantee excellent performances,  a very easy  maintenance, and they can be provided with      
a declaration of conformity according to:
  • 2006/46/Ce  Instructions
  • 94/9/CE – ATEX Instructions, for plants in area 22.
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Technical information
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Installation-operation and maintenance manual