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Applications - Processing plant

Applications for belt conveyors, chain conveyors, etc.

The processing plants include:

  • mills for wheat or maize

  • production plants for animal feed industry

  • breweries

  • plants for the extraction of oil.

In all these contexts machineries with small capacities are normally required (less than 200 ton/h),very solid (specifically designed for heavy duty cycles), with special surface treatments (especially if used on products for human food), perfectly dusttight (to avoid sanitation problems in installation areas), highly reliable and easy to maintain, equipped with safety devices for operators and provided with law certifications.

For these purposes, these are the most suitable machineries:

For all these machineries, in addition to the typical standard accessories, some special accessories have been studied: for the dosing of the product, for the connection to the suction systems and for the remote control. Furthermore, specific configurations are provided for the use of products with very different characteristics and requirements such as raw materials, by-products and end products. Still remaining in the area of processing industries, filters for intake pits FTM series and product sampling systems can be provided.