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Applications - Bio-fuels

Applications for belt conveyors, chain conveyors, etc.

Plants for bio-fuel production require both transport systems with high capacity for the receipt and storage of the raw material and machines with lower capacity for the subsequent processing steps.
In both cases, particularly solid and reliable machineries are required, since they are subject to heavy working cycles, often dealing with products having peculiar characteristics as far as impurities and abrasiveness are concerned.
Particular attention should be given to the on board security, control and prevention systems, with specific attention in Europe, to the regulations concerning the risk of explosion (ATEX).
For the use in these contexts, the following machinery are particularly suitable:

All these machineries can be set up in such a way to ensure the minimum maintenance intervention.
Each machine is provided with a complete set of accessories for the loading and unloading of the product, for the operation control and for the interface with possible monitoring systems for the removal of explosive events.
On this particular matter, it should be noted that the elevators series ETM have been set up to resist to particularly high overpressures, thus ensuring the restraint of the possible explosive event inside the machinery, for most of the products used in these industrial areas (cereals and oilseeds).
Still in this context, either the wide range of connecting elements or FTM filters for intake pits can find their proper application .