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Bucket elevators ELA
Bucket elevators ela

Two series of ELA elevators have been developed. Besides for the capacity range (from 60 to 270 m3/h), they differ for: 

  • the diameter of the pulley
  • the section of the pipes
  • the features of the structure
  • the kind of buckets and belts that can be used
  • the range of powers which can be installed.

They are made of pre-galvanized sheet steel, with the almost total removal of  welding.

The design parameters of these machineries have been worked out in order to fulfil the specific needs of medium/small size storage centres, with working cycles related to the harvesting of agricultural crops (usually wheat and corn, or similar produce).

It is a modular construction and machineries are supplied in standard preconfigured combinations (therefore, personalization  is not available for the users).

Installation-operation and maintenance manual