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Sampling systems
The range of sample drawing systems includes two solutions which satisfy the necessity of getting representative samples of products in two crucial moments in the activity of whatsoever storage centre of cereal and/or oil seeds:
    • at the reception of the product, usually while the truck is making its weighing operations, in order to get (in addition to the element on the quantity of product) information on the quality characteristics of the product itself  (which have a very important commercial value)
    • after some processing stages: for example, after the pre-cleaning and/or drying, to know the product characteristics before its storage.

The following items are available:
  • the drawing drill from truck mod. PREVRAC, which guarantees a representative sampling (7 levels probing, without aspiration), fast (about 40’’ of truck stop) and safe (full equipment of safety systems) of a grain product while it is still in the truck, and which sends it directly to the analysis lab through a pneumatic transport system (max. distance 50 m.)
  • the circuit sampling system mod. CSM 350 which allows to withdraw a representative sample  of any grain product in a settled point of the circuit (for example, at the discharging point of a dryer).  The control and  command system gives the possibility of making withdrawals in a systematic way, at planned intervals, while the withdrawing  system  guarantees an excellent  sampling.
Both products are epoxy varnished, and may be equipped with the declarations of conformity according to:
  • 2006/46/Ce  Instructions
  • 94/9/CE – ATEX Instructions, for plants in area 22 (only for mod. CSM 350).
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