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Chain conveyors

The range of chain conveyors is quite big. It has been worked out in order to satisfy all the demands as far as  hourly capacity and applications are concerned.
These machineries have been produced in accordance to the European regulations  in force, using the most up to date design and construction systems. The range is dived into 2 main classes of machineries, which differ in the design standards used and in the surface treatments available:

  • TCA Conveyors : made in pre-galvanized plate, they are suitable for working loads typical of storage centres related to the harvesting of agricultural crops
  • TCM Conveyors : available both in hot dip galvanized and epoxy painted version, they are suitable for  intensive working loads.

Both classes include 6 different series of machineries, each one with its own specific features.
Each series includes several models which mainly differ for the internal case width and for the possibility of using a bent link chain rather than a drop forged chain. Totally, up to 33 conveyors are available, so that each user can find the most  suitable solution as far as technical features, kind of use and price are concerned.

All machineries may be provided with a declaration of conformity according to:

  • 2006/46/Ce  Instructions
  • 94/9/CE – ATEX Instructions, for plants in area 22.
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Installation-operation and maintenance manual