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Applications - Large plant

Applications for belt conveyors, chain conveyors, etc.

Large installations are those installations where large quantities of product are processed, particularly as far as cereals and oilseeds are concerned.

More specifically, here are some examples of large plants:

  • port facilities
  • large storage facilities.

In these areas, machineries with very high hourly flow rates are required (higher than 300 tons/h) with an excellent level of reliability to prevent any break-down which could have significant economic results.

Often an high flexibility is required, taking into account that the plant could be used with several kinds of products, very different from each other (e.g. grain, flour, pellets); in these cases, machineries must be conveniently set up to satisfy these requirements completely.

The operating and environmental conditions are almost always very heavy (e.g. the typical contexts of port areas and heavily industrialized areas); therefore maximum strength and surface treatments suitable to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance are required .

For these applications, the following machineries are particularly suitable:

  • chain conveyors TCM 550 and TCM 630 series
  • bucket elevators ETM 800, ETM 1000 and ETM 1200 series
  • belt conveyors TNM 500 and TNM 630 series that, if not otherwise requested by the customer, are normally supplied in galvanized version.

Each machinary is provided with a complete set of fittings for the loading and unloading of the product and the control of the operation.

Particular attention has been paid to the interface systems between the loading and unloading towers, to the continuous weighing systems and to the protection systems for outdoor installation of belt conveyors.

Still in this context, both the wide range of connecting elements and the product sampling systems can find their proper application.