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Ventilation components
The range of ventilation components includes solutions for:
  • vertical silos (in steel or concrete)
  • horizontal level stores
  • distribution systems of air in foundation
  • distribution systems of air over floor.
Three products lines are available:
  • self-locking panels type LM 124 (pedestrian for vertical silos, for the covering of air distribution channels drowned in foundation)
  • self-locking panels type LM 74 practicable by trucks, for flat stores, for the covering of air distribution channels drowned in foundation)
  • ventilation ducts type CM 160 (for silos and stores with already existing pavements).
In the design, particular attention has been paid to guarantee:
  • the biggest sections of air transit, in order to get the right flux speed even with big volumes of blown air
  • a very good passing surface for air (at the same time preventing the product from passing trough the slits / air transition holes)
  • the highest  easiness of assembling and disassembling ( to ease the periodic cleanness operations of the channels or the storage of the components).
  • an high  resistance to the vertical loads (essential for the ventilation systems both in flat stores , where the free circulation of  vehicles and mechanical diggers has to be guaranteed, and in big vertical silos ).
For the ventilation ducts CM 160, a complete series of accessories has been arranged to make equipments provided with air distribution.  The standard construction is made in pre-galvanized steel. 
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