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Bucket elevators ETM
Bucket elevators etm

Seven series of ETM elevators are available which differ, apart from the capacity range (from 25 to 1600 m3/h), for:

  • the diameter of the pulleys
  • the section of the legs
  • the features of the structure
  • the kind of buckets and belts that can be used
  • the range of powers which can be installed.

They are made in carbon steel sheets, with welded reinforcement frames in order to guarantee the highest toughness and overpressure resistance.

The surface treatments are made after the construction and they include:

  • hot dip galvanization
  • epoxy painting (suitable for human food)

The design parameters of these machineries have been studied to satisfy all industrial application requirements, with massive working cycles as:

  • mills, feed mill , malt breweries, beer breweries,  oil extraction equipments
  • medium/big size storage centres
  • dock terminals
  • bio-fuel production equipments
  • inerts or wood processing equipments.

These machineries have a modular construction and they can be customized, thus satisfying any customer's need.

Options and solutions have been worked out in order to reduce the impact of particularly abrasive products and to guarantee the highest  respect of the most delicate products.

A complete series of accessories is available for loading, discharging and for the working control.

Furthermore, all accessories and safety systems have been worked out and they may be useful in case of explosions in areas classified according to ATEX directives.

ETM bucket elevators guarantee very good performances, easy installations, great reliability and safety,  and an easy maintenance.   

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2.17 MB
Installation-operation and maintenance manual