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TNM 340

This series of machineries includes nine models, with the following main characteristics:

  • typical capacity range: 60÷160 m3/h (equal to 40÷120 t/h on wheat)
  • diameter of the drive drum: 340 mm
  • diameter of the rollers:  60-76 mm
  • belt width : 300 / 350 / 450 mm
  • available models: open (with final discharge) – close (with final discharge) – open (with tripper)
  • max. breaking  load  of the belt: 400 N/mm
  • max. installed power: 11 KW.

These machineries are particularly suitable for the conveyance of cereal, oil seeds, rice, flours, seeds, delicate products in general, and they are mainly employed:


  • for the loading of flat stores (of small sizes)
  • to avoid the pollution between different products (for example in the plants for seeds selection)
  • to avoid damaging the delicate products (i.e. rice)
  • to make a long-distance transport (for example, for the connections within industrial areas or docks).

Their particularly solid frame and an accurate choice of the primary components commercially available (control panel, bearings, belt and rollers) guarantee a long working life, with low maintenance costs.
The design may have a lot of configurations and effective systems of regulation, control and safety.
Machineries may be customized,  thus enabling their easy introduction in any kind of plant.
In addition to a complete series of accessories for loading, discharging, automatic straightening of the belt and working control, specific options are available for their use with oily, abrasive or human food products.


Technical information
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Installation-operation and maintenance manual